Prebooking Policy

Policy Summary

  1. Prebook One day in advance starting 9:00a SHARP.
  2. Confirm by 8:15a SHARP day of appointment.
  3. Be fully verified and complete at least three(3) appointments within last six(6) months in good standing*(what is this?).
  4. Reciprocate Respect. Priority based on Bookability**
  5. Accept the Policy(click here)

Policy Details

HOW TO PREBOOK – Text, Reply, Confirm

TEXT requests accepted starting 9:00am SHARP one day in advance based on timestamped texts received. Send one text only. Text threads are pushed later with each text received. You can expect a response in up to 20mins(during peak text times). Responses usually very quick. Be patient.

REPLY to accept. Once you receive a prebook confirmation text, simply reply one time to accept. With the various cellular carriers and texting apps, your reply is the only way for us to know you received the prebook information. Your time will only be reserved when you reply.

CONFIRM by 8:15am SHARP on the day of appointment. *No late confirmation exceptions*. Occasionally there are waitlisted requests for the same time. At 8:15am SHARP unconfirmed appointments will be released to waitlist requests or same day requests. If you know you can’t confirm by that time, simply TALK TO US BEFOREHAND and we will accommodate. Communicate proactively and responsibly. 8:15am SHARP” appears on this whole page four times.

*ELIGIBILITY – Verified, In good standing

FULLY VERIFIED: Not sure what this means? Click here to get fully verified.

IN GOOD STANDING: Proven history of punctuality, responsibility, and respect for the time and its value for advisors and other clients. Clients are eligible for prebooking after completing or maintaining at least three(3) appointments within six(6) months. *Circumstances vary for each client, so prebook eligibility is always at our discretion.

**Reciprocate Respect. Priority based on Bookability

We will actively manage who can prebook. Despite the prerequisites listed above, prebooking is entirely at our discretion. If you don’t want your prebook cancelled, do not cancel your prebooks. Make only appointments where you have set aside the time.

This does not mean you cannot cancel. We understand that things happen unexpectedly. Clients expect us to be responsive, and proactively communicate when we become aware of scheduling issues. We expect the same from clients.

We have enough experience with dealing with clients and time management to know when clients are being irresponsible with our time. Within the first few scheduling attempts, clients and assistants can easily get a good “feel” for each others’ mutual respect for time. Treat each others time with equal importance.

Prebooking is a tool for us and clients to help manage time. It is not for clients to hold multiple prebookings then cancel what does not fit last minute. It is not for us to book multiple clients(unless clearly notified it is a waitlist) then cancel clients on a preferential basis.


Copy and paste either one of the below phrases and text it to the scheduling assistant to show that you’ve read and understood* the Prebooking Policy. This only needs to be done once. You do not need to text this phrase each time you prebook.

“Wax On, Wax Off”

“Sweep the Leg”

You may be ask how many times the phrase “8:15a SHARP” shows up on this page.

*Lately, too many clients “accept” this page then contact us with questions that are clearly answered here.