Reference Verification

We are reference friendly

We believe in being a responsible member of our community and will gladly help serve as a reference for clients that are verified and in good standing. However we do have specific policies that ensure that our information is shared with and shared by responsible members of our community.

HOW TO: Pre-Authorization Required

1. DO NOT SHARE OUR INFORMATION WITH OTHERS WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION. Clients must notify us prior to providing our information for reference verification. We simply will not provide the reference without pre-authorization.
2. Provide the site, ad link, number, or other information to clearly identify the firm or other advisor seeking the reference verification. We will ignore communications from any contact that does not match the information provided.

Lastly, we prioritize verifying new clients and booking time so we may not respond to reference verifications immediately. We might need some time to respond so follow up next day. Thanks for your understanding.


Other firms or advisors may not check references properly and are thus open to higher risk. As such, there may be some cases where we do not feel comfortable with our information being shared or where we will not provide the reference. We are asking this to protect our customers and to protect our reputation.

ELIGIBILITY – Verified, In good standing

FULLY VERIFIED: Not sure what this means? Click here to get fully verified.

IN GOOD STANDING: Proven history of punctuality, responsibility, and respect for the time and its value for advisors and other clients. Clients are eligible for reference verification after completing or maintaining at least three(3) appointments within twelve(12) months.

*Circumstances vary for each client, so reference verification eligibility is always at our discretion.

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