COVID-19 Response

UPDATED: March 31, 2021

Things are going as can be expected during these uncertain times. We are actively monitoring and following current WHO and CDC guidelines and precautions. We wish good health for our advisors and valued clients.

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Below are the ways we are doing our part to protect our advisors and clients:

  1. Air and surface sanitization with ULV(ultra-low volume) cold fogger machines and Hypochlorous Acid sanitizing solution. Used widely in commercial and medical settings, This solution is safe for humans.
  2. Hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes available.
  3. Temperature checks
    • Upon entering our facilities, prior to any activities, your advisor will perform a temperature check with a thermometer. If your temperature is too high, we will not be able to continue with the session. Please be understanding in this situation and we welcome you back another day.
    • Recreational drugs, ED medication, any other supplements can raise your temperature. We make no exceptions if your temperature is too high for any reason.
    • Our advisors will also be self-checking temperatures regularly and will take time off as needed to address any temperature anomalies.
  4. Remain Vigilant (UPDATED MARCH 31, 2021)
    • While the percentage of the population getting vaccinated increases, it’s important to remain vigilant.
    • Vaccinated individuals may be protected against severe and critical disease, but may still show mild symptoms, and carry or spread the virus.
    • As such, the temperature checks and mask wearing requirements will remain in effect until otherwise notified.

Keep safe, wear the damn mask, avoid large crowds, and wash hands often!

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